If you are experiencing delays in your content generation process and no content is being generated, it’s possible that the issue may be originating from Cloudflare.

To understand how this might be happening, it’s helpful to first understand how the content generation plugin works. Essentially, when you enter a title and 5 headings, the plugin sends 5 different API requests to OpenAI and then waits for the response. If each request takes 20 seconds to receive a response, this means that generating 5 headings could take up to 100 seconds in total.

Now, according to this website, Cloudflare’s default connection timeout is 100 seconds. This means that if you are using Cloudflare’s free plan and do not receive all responses from OpenAI within 100 seconds, Cloudflare will timeout and you will not see any content being generated. Enterprise customers can increase this timeout up to 6000 seconds through the Cloudflare API or by contacting customer support.

If you are using Cloudflare and experiencing delays in your content generation process, one solution could be to increase the connection timeout in Cloudflare. Another solution could be to optimize the content generation process by reducing the number of headings. Alternatively, you could consider using a different provider for the content generation process that has a faster response time or a higher timeout limit.

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