Generating Content from RSS Feed

The GPT AI Power: Complete AI Pack plugin for WordPress includes a feature called “Generate Content from RSS Feed,” which allows users to automatically generate blog post content from RSS feeds using GPT models. This feature can be found under the Auto Content Writer section, specifically under the RSS tab. Enabling Cron Job Before using […]

Generating Content from Google Sheets

You can now integrate Google Sheets with our plugin, allowing you to generate content directly from your sheets. To use the Google Sheets feature, create a service account in your Google Cloud Console and upload your credentials to the plugin. Service Account Creation Follow these steps: 1. Visit your Google Cloud Console dashboard: 2. Click […]

Streamline Your Content Creation Process with Auto Content Writer

Auto Content Writer is a powerful tool that allows you to generate multiple articles at once, saving you time and effort. To use this feature, follow these steps: Go to the Auto Content Writer page on your website. Make sure to complete the Cron Job setup. This is necessary for the Bulk Content Writer to […]

How to Add Cron Job

08.02.2022 Important Update: If you are using version 1.4.90 and above, please make sure to change your cronjob path as follow: * * * * * php /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wordpress/index.php — wpaicg_cron=yes  To use the bulk feature of our plugin, you’ll need to set up a cron job on your server. Cron is a built-in Linux utility […]